Confronting Sexual Abuse and Harassment by Sport Coaches: A Need for a National Effort

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The world of sports has been riddled with sexual abuse and harassment of young athletes by their powerful and publicly respected coaches (respected for producing performance results) for many decades, across all sports, regardless of sex. While there is no consistently collected data on the prevalence of these transgressions, there is reason to believe that news reports and limited data from national sport governing bodies represent the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”. 

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Our Mission: Advocate for athlete welfare where every athlete is provided a safe and positive environment free of abuse, bullying and harassment.
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Dear Friend,

As Safe4Athletes approaches year 3, we would like to say many thanks to all of our donors for their continued support.  Your help makes the good work of Safe4Athletes possible.   It is because of your support that we are successfully  “giving every athlete a voice” at every level of sports, from open amateur club sports programs to NCAA Division I athletics and beyond.

We have taken many steps forward this year in advocating for a safe and positive environment for every athlete, free of abuse, bullying and harassment:

  1. We have created, and made available, a mobile application that can report abuse direct to some of our clubs as well to Safe4Athletes. We have provided online educational material available to all athletes at their fingertips.  Available for iPhone, Android and Windows devices
  2. We started to create online educational videos explaining the Safe4Athletes program with hopes to continue to expand this library to include education on all forms of abuse and bullying.
  3. We continue to maintain a high quality website,, and have continued to  add resources, providing valuable educational  materials for thousands of users
  4. We have consistently kept our community informed on important issues through our newsletters. 
  5. We have continued to speak to clubs and universities all over the country, directly educating athletes, coaching staff and parents on the Safe4Athletes program.
  6. We continue to facilitate direct aid to several athletes requiring long-term care to assist them in dealing with the on-going issues of abuse.
  7. We have implemented Safe4Athletes within private high schools around the country that aren’t protected by Title IX sexual harassment prohibitions, which only apply to institutions that are recipients of federal funds, by developing a handbook that is that is based on the Title IX compliance model. 
  8. We have responded to the calls from many victims and parents of victims who are requesting our help with current issues ranging from taking action in the case of severe abuse to advocating for state legislation to make current laws more effective.
  9. We have developed surveys to further understand the issues on the topic of abuse. 
  10. We have shared our survey results at various conferences across the country and at the IWG conference in Helsinki early this year.
  11. We have continued to develop a referral list of highly specialized therapists who are experts in working with coach/athlete trauma.

There isn’t enough time, with present resources, to respond to all the requests and advocate on the numerous fronts that need to be addressed.  One thing is crystal clear, there is a real, repressed and denied need for athlete welfare initiatives.  Sexual abuse, bullying, and harassment has gone unchecked for too long.

Our goals for the coming year include the development of more online educational material, taking on more individual athlete cases and speaking at more conference around the athletic community.  And of course, we will continue to be available to athletes in need of resources and assistance.

We hope that you will help us continue our important work.  Whether it’s a gift to support our non-profit programs, a willingness to share our materials and newsletters with your friends, hosting a fundraiser and educational program in your sports community or home, serving on our board or on a committee, or volunteering to work on a project, we would be grateful for your involvement.,   

Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like to explore other ways to make a difference.  Again, thanks so much for your support!

With thanks,

Katherine Starr

Founder & President

Latest blog

  • Safe4Athletes Survey Results
    Written by Katherine Starr

    Safe4Athletes Survey Results


    Safe4Athletes developed an online survey to indentify current and former athletes and to learn about the type of harassment that may have been experienced over the course of their career. The survey allows for both  the athlete and a parent of athlete to respond.

    Aims: To determine if there were any trends across sport, gender and competition level, that identify abuse levels for emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

    Methods: The survey was distributed in phases;  the first phase was directed towards personal contacts, via Facebook ( friends and large number of Olympians from around the world), and private communication with contacts that have come to Safe4athletes with experience of abuse in some form in sports.  The second phase included a more public distribution with websites like Huffington Post, Momsteam,  (a focused parent/athlete audience) and the Safe4athletes website.


    Results: 155 participants – 103 Athletes – 52 Athlete/Parent;  Athletes 91 Female and 12 Male. 

    Written on Friday, 10 July 2015 00:00
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Every athlete deserves a safe and positive sports environment. SPEAK UP if the way you are being treated feels wrong. 
If you need advice in sorting through a situation or concern. SAFE4ATHLETES is here to help.

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