Advocate for athlete welfare where every athlete is provided a safe and positive environment free of abuse, bullying and harassment.

Our Vision

Our vision is a society in which….

  • coach-athlete sexual abuse and other forms of misconduct does not  occur and, when it does, is immediately and effectively addressed
  • victims of coach-athlete misconduct have a place they can go to for support and good information
  • coaches engaging in sexual misconduct are banned from coaching athletes at any level
  • the public is inspired by and knowledgeable about athletes who fight to remedy coach-athlete misconduct
  • all sport organizations have effective policies and procedures governing coach-athlete sexual and other misconduct
  • every state has effective laws dealing with coach-athlete sexual misconduct

We Value

  • Coaches, parents, athletes, organization leaders and legislators working to eliminate inappropriate coach behaviors
  • Strength of abused athletes in every sport and of every age, color, national origin, physical disability, race, religion and sexual orientation who seek help in dealing with this issue
  • Strategic alliances with counselors, experts other organizations dealing with this issue
  • Volunteers, contributors and staff who provide productive, expert and passionate support

Our Strategies

  1. Encourage efforts by national sports organizations to develop online and other educational materials for parents, coaches and athletes on the issue of athlete welfare and safety
  2. Develop models and advocate for the adoption of coach codes of conduct and sports organization policies prohibiting professional misconduct
  3. Monitor and publish the results of surveys indicating the progress of sports organization regarding the adoption of coach-athlete misconduct policies and procedures
  4. Ensure that open amateur sports athletes have an effective appeal process in the event their local sports organizations are not capable of fair adjudication
  5. Monitor misconduct cases to ensure that guilty offending coaches are banned from continued work with athletes in other clubs and athletic organizations act sensitively and responsibly in handling athlete complaints
  6. Direct abused athletes to places where they can obtain professional help in dealing with psychological and other mental health issues
  7. Act as a clearinghouse to help parents and athletes find the resources they need to deal with their particular situations
  8. Sustain a social media initiative to connect concerned and/or abused athletes with Safe4Athletes advisers for the purpose of promoting policy advocacy and availability of referral services.

Goals and Objectives


To advocate for the adoption of athlete welfare and safety policies and laws that effectively address sports  leader-athlete sexual abuse and other misconduct.


To develop educated coaches, sports organization staff, athletes, parents  and volunteers committed to preventing and addressing coach-athlete sexual abuse and other forms of misconduct.


To assist athletes affected by coach-athlete sexual abuse and other misconduct to access counseling and receive fair adjudication.


Acquire the resources necessary to achieve organizational objectives.


Manage internal resources in a cost effective manner to ensure service quality and the public’s trust

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Every athlete deserves a safe and positive sports environment. SPEAK UP if the way you are being treated feels wrong. 
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