Tuesday, 27 March 2012 13:59

Why it's hard for a Young Athlete to Speak Up about their Abuse

The Orange County Register brought light to the Mission Viejo Nadadores swim team up and coming young coach Daniel Ad’m Dunesbury and his alleged relationship with a sixteen-year-old swimmer that occurred back in 2006.  Click here to read the entire article.  

Here is the Safe4Athletes response to both the article and the Mission Viejo response. 

Sexual abuse in sports of a young athlete is often not immediately recognized or understood, however over time everyone around the situation is affected in some way shape or form.

This situation is a perfect example why it is difficult for a young girl to speak up about the abuse. This response focuses on even the alleged victim unwillingness to come forward  (Risk reward for the girl, there isn't any for saying something happened) and the timeline as to how they reacted. 

From what I understand the question in this case is the Aug - Oct 2011 stretch where he remained as a coach when USA Swimming was made aware of it.  Based on what we know that is typical for their investigation thus far. Yes, they did act within the guidelines that are made available to them. 

Mostly the response to the article says how great we are and how many champions we have going to the Olympic Trails and thank Goodness she didn't come forward.

The issue is that Bill Rose, coaches, parents and the swimmers were aware of the relationship six years ago and nothing was done then.  It has been continually denied from both parties.  It was the next barely of age girlfriend that came forward with the information and is being responded to like the vengeful bitter ex-girlfriend.

The question at the end of the day is what they DIDN'T do, not what they did.  They acted like bystanders to the situation for 6 years and only responded when their backs were up against the wall. 

That response would never get a victim of this type of sexual abuse to come forward EVER. 

I have no problem with their response, par for the course when denial is what is driving it. 

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