Are Safe4Athletes Model Policy program right for School and Colleges? I see this as a real solution for troubled schools and teams.

Coach/Employee Conduct Policies for School and College Athletics Departments

Every educational institution that is a recipient of federal funds must comply with a federal law, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which includes a prohibition against sexual harassment and include the obligation to have a Title IX Coordinator and widely distributed sexual harassment policies and procedures.  This is an area in which the athletics department cannot see itself as operating in isolation.  If anyone in the athletics department becomes aware of sexual harassment, sexual abuse or sexual violence of any kind, the case should be reported to the institution and handled according to established Title IX policy and procedures.

This being said, school and college athletics departments should have policies, procedures and educational programs in place that address sexual harassment, sexual abuse, bullying and other forms of misconduct.   As national media attention is focused on this issue, the time is ripe for athletic department leaders to devote staff meeting time and student-athlete meetings to reviewing sexual harassment policies and procedures and the definitions of prohibited activities.   Athletics directors  should pay careful attention to (1) the requirement that every staff member understand his or her immediate obligation to report any instance of sexual harassment or abuse whether or not the victim wishes to file a formal complaint and (2) the inclusion in coaches' employment agreements and athletics department policies of clear statements prohibiting intimate relationships with students, even if they have reached the age of consent. has numerous model policy examples that school administrators can use (free):

SAMPLE POLICY:  Ethical and Professional Conduct of Athletic Department Employees


SAMPLE POLICY:  Standards of Professional Coaching Conduct


SAMPLE FORM: Coaches’ Code of Conduct Agreement


SAMPLE POLICY:  Safety of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender student-athletes and employees


SAMPLE STUDENT-ATHLETE POLICY:  Hazing, Initiation Rituals, Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Physical Punishment


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