Silent No More—Sexual Abuse in Sports

There are times when the most horrible of behavior, engaged in by the most immoral people becomes irony. Irony in that the exposure of the truths that the victims suffer pulls back the curtain of deception, lies, and façade that leaves victims confused if not silent for much of their lives. When historians have controversially observed that Hitler's Third Reich was a direct precursor to the formation of the State of Israel, many people were if to say Hitler's existence was actually a good thing, a necessary evil, in order for the Jewish people to have a land they could call home. As difficult as this may be to swallow, there is a parallel here—the exposure of Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of boys under the auspices of Penn State's Athletic Department brings to light the fact that abuse happens in many places, there are some who believe they are above the law, and that we all have a collective responsibility to protect people from abuse.

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Every athlete deserves a safe and positive sports environment. SPEAK UP if the way you are being treated feels wrong. 
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