Attention, Open Amateur Sports Sex Abuse Victims — A New Federal Government Resource

By Irv Muchnick


Through two different sources who are working hard to detox open amateur sports, I have learned of a new federal government investigative resource for victims of sexual abuse inside these sports — including but not limited to swimming.

If you are a victim, please call FBI Special Agent Randall Devine at 310.477.6565.

Quite apart from any legal or legislative ramifications, this is a welcome and hugely important development for those who have not received sufficient support for crimes against them.

As it was explained to me, the investigator is only interested in speaking directly to victims. Please don’t come forward if you are just a relative or a witness. The purpose here is to develop a comprehensive file establishing the systemic nature of this problem. Therefore, the statute of limitations doesn’t matter. Nor does it matter if the victim has already settled a tort law case. Complete confidentiality is assured for this project — which is focused strictly on fact-finding and -gathering.

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Please also see our therapists if you would like to discuss this before making this important step towards your healing.  If you can't afford a therapists there are resources to help, call or email for additional information.


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