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Model Letter of Person Alleged of Misconduct

Sample Letter:  Notice to Person Alleged to Engage in Misconduct

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Following is a sample memo from the Club President to the person alleged to have engaged in misconduct, when it has been determined that resolution of the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant is either not possible or inappropriate.  Insert appropriate information as noted and send with a copy of the Club policy.  A copy should be given to the Athlete Welfare Advocate and the complainant.


DATE:              [Insert date]

TO:                  [Insert name of person alleged to have engaged in misconduct]

 FROM:             [Insert name of club president], Club President


Please be advised that the Club has received a formal complaint alleging that you have violated the Club conduct policy (see attached).  It has been reported that you may have violated Section [insert number of paragraph in the policy that describes the violation].  Specifically, the following conduct was reported:

[insert the information contained in Part II of the complaint form]

The Club complaint process will be followed in dealing with this report (see Section 13 of the attached policy), including the possible imposition of sanctions.

[Insert name of Fact Finder] has been appointed to be the Fact Finder for this case.  [He/She] will contact you shortly to provide you with the opportunity to (1) respond to this report, (2) make a full statement in a hearing regarding the facts of this situation, and (3) identify any individuals who may have directly witnessed this situation and who should be interviewed by the Fact Finder.  

Please be informed that you are not permitted to contact the complainant or suspected complainant or any witness or other Club member concerning this situation.  The complainant has been informed of this same obligation.  Any repeat of the alleged conduct or retaliation against the complainant or suspected complainant or team members shall not be tolerated, with immediate termination of employment and/or Club affiliation imposed if such conduct or retaliation does occur. 

The person making this complaint has also be asked to indicate any witnesses to the situation who should be interviewed.

[If the situation is so serious as to require suspension of the individual until the complaint has been resolved, add the following paragraph.]

This report is sufficiently serious for the Club to have decided that it is in the best interest of the Club for your association with the Club to be suspended pending the outcome of the decision of the Ethics Panel concerning this matter.  Please understand that this suspension in no way presumes that the complaint is accurate.

Thank you for your attention to this notice and these requests.